My Beloved Animals

It’s no secret that my life revolves around my animals. Since I was a toddler, there have been animals around my home from cats to dogs to chickens and horses. Today I just have some farm cats, a dog, a horse, and a puppy coming in late April!

One of my greatest flexes is that instead of a car for my 16th birthday, I got a horse! I rode my first horse when I was three years old and instantly fell in love with them. Every year since then I would ask for a horse for my birthday and Christmas and every other day of the year. But after 13 years of asking, I finally got one!

Sunny is an American Paint Horse originally from Texas and now lives in Iowa back home. He is roughly 13 hands high and weighs about 1,000 pounds. Compared to me, he is gigantic, but he’s still the sweetest boy. My whole world revolves around him and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. After being away at college for long periods of time, I always plan small trips back home to see him. Sometimes before I even walk into my house, I make sure to stop at my barn to say hi as soon as I get home.

Along with wanting a horse all my life, I’ve always wanted an inside dog. When I was 15, my parents told me that I could only get an inside dog, if I found one that stayed small, was hypoallergenic, intelligent, and quiet. Originally, my parents never thought I would find one, but then I came across miniature Goldendoodles and even found a breeder in Iowa!

Benji is a f1B miniature Goldendoodle. I got him from Burlington, Iowa, five years ago and he has truly changed the whole dynamic of my house. Everything is Benji’s and he can do whatever he wants. My mom originally said that he was not a “sofa dog”, but as soon as we took him home, I use to stack pillows like steps so he could climb up on the sofa. While beginning to train him, we took care of him like a human baby, and he is convinced now that he is a toddler. Benji sleeps in bed with us, eats meals with me, and even helps out doing chores outside, or at least he tries to. Honestly, he is the perfect addition to our family. We love him so much, we are actually getting another puppy in just a few weeks!

Other than my horse and dog, I have a few farm cats around my place. Most of my kitties are rescue ones who just needed a loving home. A funny thing about my rescue cats is that I name them based on their personalities. Right now, I have a cat named Echo because when I got him he wouldn’t shut up and he always meows back at you. A previous kitten I had, was named Thunder because he was frightened of any loud noise and he was a solid black cat. If you ever find a kitty and don’t know what to do with it, instead of taking it to a shelter, bring it to my farm and I promise I’ll take excellent care of it!

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